"This is hard" book with sympathy card

Jon Swanson

When a friend loses a loved one, sometimes we want to offer words rather than flowers. But what are the right words?

This Is Hard is a helpful resource. Ordering it from Amazon and having it delivered without a note feels, well, awkward.

Now, you can send us the name and address and what you’d like to say in a card. We’ll write a card and send a copy of This Is Hard.  

You can say things like,

"I’ve found this book helpful and thought you might, too."

"I wish that I could be there with you. I'm sending these words on ahead."

Available for US only.


About the book

“This is hard.” 

With those words, a hospital chaplain acknowledges the pain we feel after the death of someone we love. And then slowly offers more answers to the questions we are feeling: “Why can’t I think?” “Is it okay to feel bad when they are at peace?” 

This short book is like a conversation with someone who understands loss, with words of clarification for our feelings and space to write what is worth remembering in the future. 

It’s helpful for people in the hours and days after a loss. It’s helpful for pastors, friends, and family members wanting to know what to say and what not to say. It’s helpful for anyone who, at some moment needs to hear, “This is hard.” 

For more information, visit socialmediachaplain.com

I want this!

A copy of the book and a signed notecard, sent first class to the person you designate.


"This is hard" book with sympathy card

I want this!